Dana L Pride

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I love to create!

I started writing as child. I wanted to be a novelist, hiding in a house and writing. In high school, I discovered photography, which I loved! After graduating from college, I worked in video production at 3 different TV stations before I helped establish a TV station for the Deaf which I eventually ran on my own, with the help of a few enthusiastic students. Then...

  • I learned to use computers
  • taught staff and teachers how to use computers/software
  • set up computer network on campus of 10 buildings
  • created websites and databases
  • fell in love with computer graphics
  • began writing, editing and publishing books
  • learned to animate and create cinemagraphs
  • learned lettering animation

Other aspects of my life

Comedy: "You've Got Questions"

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Recreation: "Office Bowling"

Our beloved cat, Punkin

Joey the Cat Chasing His Tail

Food: "How to Roast a Pig"