Steppingstones to Financial Success

Middle School Financial Literacy
3-book series 

Book A: Awareness Available Now!

Financial success... does that sound wonderful to you? What does that mean to you? Is that one of your goals? If you have not yet thought about Financial Success as a goal, you should. This is a goal you can begin to work on right now. While you are in Middle School, you are inthe best position to learn how to manage your money, from tracking your income and spending, to learning how to budget, then learning about credit and debt. This book introduces your first step: becoming aware of your money and where you are spending it.

Book B: Budgeting Basics for Beginners
Available Now!

The second book in the series teaches how to budget. The earlier you learn, the easier it will be for you when you have more money, bills to pay, and more financial responsibility. A budget is simply a plan for how, when and where you are going to spend your money, including a list of what you need to pay. Why should you learn to make and use a budget? So you will have a plan to spend and save your money before you waste it and don’t know where it went.This book starts with the basics of making a budget, using practical examples and worksheets. When you make a plan for your money, you won’t have to fall back on Plan B: borrowing to pay for the things you need.

Book C=D: Credit = Debt (coming Summer 2021)