Coma Talk

Amanda Peoples is the girl who got away – not only from one guy, but from three. Nicholas, Jamie and Earnest have loved her at different times in her life; and all three were too shy at the time to follow through with her the way they had intended.

After a terrible car accident that took her family, Amanda is now in the hospital in a coma. Each of these men summons the courage to approach her and tell her the truth about his feelings for her, while preparing for the life he has envisioned with her. Nicholas, the doctor, has known her since grade school. Jamie was her best friend in junior high. Earnest has secretly loved her for the past few years.

She obviously can’t go home from the hospital with all three men. Do they all really love her? Perhaps only one loves her, one wants her, and one needs her. It is time for her to continue one of these relationships? Does she love, want or need any of them?

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