I was in my office a minute ago and I heard a huge thump on the sliding glass door. I looked to see what it was, and a baby owl was on the deck, stunned. He was only about 6 inches tall. I went outside and spoke softly to the baby owl. (I have only seen an owl once before in my life, it was sitting on a post.) Then I got the camera.

I gently touched the back of his head and his feathers/fur there was soooo soft! Then I gently guided his wing back into place. For a few minutes, he looked around slowly, squinting, as I spoke soothingly to him. He looked right toward my voice, unafraid. After a little while, he became alert and started moving his head quickly. He still let me touch him gently on the back of his head and on his back. Then I just kind of lifted him from beneath and he pulled up his wings and flew away.